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  • How Do I Get My Free Website ?

    Join as paid member and get free website ( alongwith membership benefits. No Fineprint !

    Membership fee starts at Rs. 7990 + Service tax per year
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  • Only 100 Websites to Be Given Free

    100 Websites are on offer - to be given on First-Come-First-Served basis. Join now to claim your free website.
  • How Much Do I Have to Pay ?

    You only need to pay Membership Fee (with Service Tax). No domain fee, none for webspace, design etc. Please see following table for details of what is on offer at various membership levels:
  • Membership Domain Name Web Space Pages Business
    Platinum Yes Yes 25+ Yes Yes
    Gold Yes Yes 10+ Yes On Page
    Premium Yes Yes 5 No On Page
    Member + Yes Yes 1 No On Page
  • Why Are We Giving Away Free Websites ?

  • Having good product and competitive price is not enough to be successful in Internet - your business should also be able to inspire sufficient confidence in customer's mind. In the anonymous world of Internet, where buyer and seller are unlikely to meet each other physically - a professional web-presence goes a long way in establishing your credibility and attract buyers from all over the world.
  • Over last 10 years - we have seen so many success stories originating from professional web-presence and meaningful communication. We have also seen failures of otherwise well known and able businesses without credible web-presence as buyers refused to communicate with anonymous e-mail addresses.
  • To be successful in e-business - you need a credible web-presence, professional communication medium (e.g. business e-mail), access to reliable database of buyers, daily trade leads from overseas importers, information on agents and distributors from all over the world, regular advertisement and promotion, market research tools etc.
  • Infobanc wants its members to be successful. Its also knows how difficult it is to succeed in Internet without credible website. So, infobanc has decided to offer 100 free web-site and business e-mails to all paid members on first-come-first-served basis. To win this unique free gift - you need to join as paid Member in Member Plus or above membership level. In fact, higher the membership level you select, better is your chance of winning this free web-site gift.
  • However, because of obvious resource constraint, this free offer is available for first 100 members only. Please hurry - 100 free websites to be given on first-come first-serve basis.

FREE - A Professional Website worth Rs. 10,000 ( USD 300 )

  • As member of infobanc at a suitable membership level (Member Plus or above level, higher the membership level better is your chance of winning this free gift) you get a professional web site ( designed by our professional web designers.
  • This is no do-it-yourself type web design utility - but a human web designer will design your web-site based on content supplied by you.
  • We shall book a suitable domain name reflecting your line of business. Your website will have specified no of pages (please see comparison table above) to be hosted on one of our top-of-the-line dedicated servers located in US Datacenter. You need not pay any money for domain name, web-space, design etc. It is a completely free offer subject to Terms and Conditions .
  • Our SEO team will optimize your web-site and submit it to major web directories and other web-resources for maximum promotion. Your company profile will have link to your web-site - attracting buyers to view your products and place order.
  • A professional web presence inspires sufficient confidence in customer's mind as one can easily check background and contact details of your business. You are no longer anonymous - you have left an identity for anyone to check.

FREE - Business E-mail worth Rs. 2000 ( USD 50 )

  • E-mail is your face to the world, it should convey a positive image about your company. We offer you business e-mail worth Indian Rs. 2000 (USD 50) absolutely free !
  • An anonymous e-mail address like does not inspire much confidence in your customer's mind. After all, anybody can subscribe to a free e-mail address and vanish without a trace. One can not even find name, address or country of origin of the sender.
  • On the other hand - a business e-mail address like conveys seriousness of the sender. It suggests the sender is not a temporary player - but invested on his/her e-mail address and more important, left an identity for anyone to check. Anybody can find out more information about the sender from his web-site address (e.g.
Membership fee starts at Rs.7990 + Service tax per year.

What Users Say

Mr. Vinod Kumar "We on Behalf of S V Technotex LLP , Would Like thank Infobanc Team for the support and guidance during the Initial days of our Business . We would really to appreciate the Mr.Kamal Anand and his team for carefully listening and understanding our business profile and crafting the needs as required.. which is a very talent..
We Hope the team will continue the great support and service same way in future too.. Lets Create a Win-Win Situation "
Vinod Kumar
S V Technotex LLP
Bangalore India

Mr. Ankit Aggarwal "I would like to congratulate the TEAM INFOBANC for the successful and satisfactory completion of our website. We appreciated the complete dedication and limitless support extended by the Team to achieve the expected results. We are confident to get the best result from the association with INFOBANC and we hope for a long profitable business terms."
Ankit Aggarwal
PCD Pharma Company
Gujarat - India

Mr. G.Sundararajan "Thank you very much for your support. Thank you so much, especially to Mr. Kamal Anand Dhondhiyal,to give very help full guidance who was calm enough to help me in every aspect of postings and listings.."
Maha Exports
Tamilnadu INDIA

Success Stories

I have been using www. B2B Internet Portal for the past 4 months. I would like to express my happiness of using infobanc - which is enormous and having very great experience in getting very useful detail about manufacturers, traders, importers and exporters...I have come to know many business people through infobanc... wishing team all the best

Mr. Srinivas Balappan
Head - Overseas Business, Ideal Worldwide, Chennai
We have been receiving a lot of useful information and valuable trade enquires since we have been a member in your esteemed INFOBANC.COM. We are happy and thanking you for the same !

Mrs. Mallika Ganesan, AVCC Export, Pudukkottai, Tamilnadu
The Great Indian Bazaar ( is a great trading platform for us. I joined Great Indian Bazaar about 1 year ago; ever since, I have searched for suppliers on Great Indian Bazaar regurlaly. I am really satisfied with the services Great Indian Bazaar provides."It is the best website to source from in the world!"
G. Ramaraja Uma Exports, Chennai

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